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Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation

Our goal is to provide information that will help you understand the diverse and fast-changing Southern California market. Our research covers a six county area: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura counties. To put things into context, we also analyze the California economy.

We also provide data on key industries in the region. The list of these activities is also diverse and rather lengthy. We do much more than make movies. Moreover, many of the region's basic industries are in the midst of rapid change.

We deliver this economic information to you in a variety of ways:

  • The e-EDGE (Economic Data Global Express) e-mail newsletter, which is sent out the first business day of each week. You may have this sent directly to you, or you can access it on this web site.
  • "L.A. Stats" is an annual publication containing a host of economic indicators for the region, everything from population and demographics to employment, consumer price index to the Fortune 500 roster. L.A. Stats is generally released in May, depending on data availability.
  • The semi-annual "Economic Forecasts & Industry Forecast" is generally released in January and July. The latter now includes information by area in Los Angeles County, as well as data for north and south Orange County. As the title indicates, information is included for such key industries as apparel, aerospace & technology, international trade, motion picture/TV production and tourism.
  • "International Trade Trends & Impacts" is released each May in conjunction with World Trade Week activities in Southern California.
  • An annual review is done on "Manufacturing in Southern California" in conjunction with the "Westec" show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This is the largest manufacturing-oriented show in the U.S. and reflects the fact that manufacturing is still a major activity in the region.
  • Throughout the year, we also do other studies, with recent examples being film industry profile

We feel our real world business experience gives us an edge in our research work. Moreover, the LAEDC's seven regional managers give us a real-time feel picture of what is going on in the business world of Los Angeles County.

444 South Flower Street, 34th Floor,  Los Angeles, CA 90071
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