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It s The Spending Stupid

New Ad Blasts Elite Political Class For Out-Of-Control Spending that Poses a Mortal Threat  to America’s Future

The conservative grassroots organization, National Republican Trust PAC (NRTP) today is launching a national television advertising campaign assailing official Washington for the obscene level of federal spending, and the trillions of dollars planned for government run health care. The ad is called “Government Spending Out of Control.”

According to NRTF Executive Director, Scott Wheeler, the purpose of this effort is to raise the debate beyond partisanship to deal with the issue that will affect generations to come – the profligate spending at unreasonable and unsustainable levels. “We are calling on all Americans regardless of party to join together in demanding Washington stop the spending before it’s too late.”

“While the press continues to cover this healthcare bill like a horse race, the elite political class is racing to the nation’s financial oblivion to which there will soon be no redemption. This effort has nothing to do with being a Republican, it is about being an American - there is no “special interest” behind us, just regular Americans who have dire concerns for our nation’s future,” said Wheeler.

Unlike many groups running ads this August during the congressional recess, Wheeler said the National Republican Trust PAC “is funded solely by contributions of average Americans donating $25 or $50 at a time to make sure Washington hears them loud and clear.” Wheeler said NRTP receives no corporate funding, and employs no lobbyists. “If average Americans speaking out and making themselves heard by their elected officials are considered a ‘special interest group’ by Washington, then we’re about as ‘special’ as you can get.”

The ad is slated to run on national cable news outlets with an initial buy of $100,000. Wheeler said NRTP expects to raise at least three times that amount and triple the buy by the time Congress completes its summer town hall meetings and returns to Washington to resume deliberation on health care reform and other federal spending. “This is the last chance citizens will have to tell Congress face to face what they want and expect.”

Scott Wheeler is the executive director of the National Republican Trust, the #3 conservative Republican Political Action Committee in America. A former television producer and investigative journalist, Scott also is a writer focusing on domestic and international security issues.

For the past eight years Mr. Wheeler has been on the forefront of the most crucial issues facing national security—from the war zones in Yugoslavia, to the drug fields of South America and following the trails of international arms smugglers to Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Mr. Wheeler is a veteran of the U.S. Army infantry.

Jon Taliaferro is a policy consultant to Executive Director of the National Republican Trust. Prior to this position, Mr. Taliaferro held several positions in the television industry with such companies as ABC News, CBS Inc and American Investigator Television.

Dr. Peter Leitner worked in the Office of the Secretary of Defense starting with Casper Weinberger up until his retirement under current secretary Robert Gates. He was also a founding professor at the National Center for Biodefense at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.